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About ATHEROSCLEROSIS According to optimal medical

atherosclerosisModern medicine does not know the reasons for the development of atherosclerosis.
Prof. W. Orlowski in its VII - volume work "The science of internal medicine" provides up to 5 conflicting theories of the formation of atherosclerosis, and none of them provides a way to avoid or cure the disease. According to the aforementioned author of atherosclerosis begins in Poland after 18 years of age. Of course, in the initial period of change in the blood vessels do not give symptoms and can be detected post mortem examination.

Atherosclerosis is regarded officially as an incurable disease, and medications commonly used only reduce symptoms, often leads to accelerate its development.
Along with the used drugs are advised to avoid the so-called. Risk factors. Recently attaches great importance to research and lowering blood cholesterol levels.
High cholesterol is considered one of the drivers of atherosclerosis, although half of the patients it is normal or at the border. There is a widespread belief that cholesterol causes atherosclerosis. So far in any of the medical publications have not met with such a statement - they can be seen in television commercials or read women's magazines.Professionally written that high cholesterol may accelerate atherosclerosis. Many sick people have found that avoidance of animal fats does not cause decrease cholesterol levels and may even raise it. To explain this, consider what is the fate of the body of food consumed by us, and especially the officially recommended carbohydrates and fats zakazywanych, starting from the gastrointestinal tract.
Large molecules of fats in general can not be absorbed through the intestinal epithelium, which is why they are digested into free fatty acids, via the so-called. carrier proteins are transferred into the body initially to lymph and then into the blood. Fatty acids are ready for use and a very good source of energy, because it consumes most of the tissues in the first place.
Quite different is the metabolism of sugars.
Their small molecules penetrate rapidly into the bloodstream and straight from the gut through the portal vein, goes to the liver where processing of simple sugars. Fructose is almost entirely used for the production of triglycerides. Occurring with it almost always results in increased secretion of glucose, insulin, which speeds up the process.
From the foregoing it is clear that dietary fat may accumulate in the vessels, a diet containing large amounts of simple sugars cause an increase triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. The production rate of body fat in humans is governed by the state of nutrition, and so at high intake of carbohydrates increases and decreases with increasing supply of fat.
With a traditional diet cause atherosclerosis are not, as generally believed fat food, but consumed with their carbs. The best conditions for the emergence of the so-called. plaques occur when the acquiring of energy from fats and sugars is equal and amounts to approximately 45%. With such a diet free fatty acids satisfy the demand for energy, while simple sugars are converted into cholesterol in the arteries, and there build up hindering blood flow and lead to tissue hypoxia.
This process is considered irreversible, which conflicts with the fundamental law of chemistry, which says that any reaction can proceed in two directions. Turning to optimal nutrition, there is just the reversal of atherosclerosis.
Time regression of atherosclerosis usually takes several months to 2
and exceptionally three years, which depends mainly on the severity of the disease.
However, certain symptoms subside much quicker, because it improves the supply of nutritional products, and declining demand for oxygen.
In addition, using selective currents can be achieved unprecedented in modern medicine results.
Among patients seen within two weeks, a significant improvement or resolution of symptoms of coronary artery disease. The presence of claudication pain in the lower extremities is reduced by an average of 100 - 500%. Dizziness caused by cerebral hypoxia usually disappear between 10 and 15 day stay.
The risk of heart attack decreases the optimal nutrition
Almost immediately, about 50%, because it reduces the density of blood.
During regression of atherosclerosis can be expected to increase over time levels of total cholesterol, which is not to be feared because it is caused, among others. his release from the walls of arteries. At the same time can be noted, however lower levels of triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol.

Lek. Przemyslaw Pala, MD
Optimal medical consultant.

About ATHEROSCLEROSIS According to optimal medical

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