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Honey - MIODoWKA

Recipe: 1.36 kg of honey to miodówki dry or 1.80 kg of honey for miodówki semisweet, or 2.25 kg of honey for a sweet, 3g tannin or cold cup of tea, 10g citric acid, 8g broth, wine yeasts such Szeri. 

The yeast solution was prepared in advance. Honey put into a container or bucket for the early fermentation and add 4.5 liters of hot water. Mix well with a wooden spoon to fully dissolve the honey. After cooling to 21 degrees C, add the tannin, medium, and leavening. Stir well to fully dissolve and add the yeast. Cover with a lid. After 7 days of fermenting grape pour into a large bottle, make up - if needed - with cold, boiled water. Stopper tube fermentation and put in a warm place to complete the fermentation. Remove from the sediment after lightened up. 

This is the base recipe. You can experiment with honey taken down from various flowers. You can add honey to the fruit. Just np.450g fruit, but we leave that to your discretion and taste. Fruits should be put into a bucket before adding the hot water and honey. Then the grape strain into a large cylinder. If you use sour fruit pulp, it should reduce the amount of citric acid to the 3g. 

If honey is used for one species, the faster the wine will have all its properties, but the flavor of wine can be changed using various additives at its discretion.
Honey - MIODoWKA

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