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Michał Tombak According to optimal medical

In the late 90's quite a wide interest aroused recommendations for a healthy lifestyle proposed by Michal Tombak. 
Very well selling his book "How to Cure incurable" and "How to live long and healthy life", there were also many people who have applied his method of treatment. 
The author is not, admittedly a doctor, but he graduated in biology and chemistry in Moscow and a school of hypnosis and energy healing. 
Tombak shows the five major causes of devastating health and advice on how to proceed, to prevent disease and possibly cured with the already existing problems in the six principles of health. 

Causes of disease are neglected spine, abnormal breathing, lack of internal body hygiene, improper diet, lack of ability to live happily. 

Above presented another health rules Michal Tombak. 

1. Spine. 
Sudden movements, micro-trauma or poor posture cause involuntary dislocation of vertebrae, which squeeze the nerves and vessels. Depending on the amount of vertebral displacement have different symptoms. 
As the author gives a prescription sleeping on your back on a hard mattress. 
Sleeping on a soft surface makes the spine can not 
relax completely. As an example, writes that scientifically proved the effectiveness of the liver, thoracic vertebrae where from 36 to 20 are distributed in parallel. 

2. Respiration. 
A man can endure for long without eating and drinking, but without breathing die within a few minutes. Therefore Michal Tombak considers proper breathing as the most important factor in health. He writes that science proved the possibility of extending life by 30-40 years, thanks to proper breathing, and only 10-20 years, while maintaining the principles of rational nutrition. 
The first step is to reject smoking, which causes accumulation of toxic coal tar in the body. 
Proper breathing is to ensure oxygenation of the cells of our body and breathe as only children, so please keep breathing gymnastics. 
It presents some ways controlled breathing to be slow and Diaphragm. Thus breathing is inhibited the process of aging and improves the work of the digestive system. 

3. Water. 
It constitutes 70% of the human body and its quality depends on the state of our joints, blood vessels or the presence of stones. 
In nature there is to be 135 kinds of water in the cells of our body is water called "structural." The water we drink contains a lot of unnecessary pollution and mineral substances. The author recommends the consumption of water, which can be obtained after thawing of ice. As an example of the influence of water gives the Yakut people of northern Russia where life expectancy exceeds 100 years. 
They drink only water from melted ice. 

4. Healthy eating. 
The author in the first row indicates the harmfulness of certain products, which should be avoided. 
They are refined products (cleaned), since they lose some of their constituents and with them the energy they receive from the sun. One of the worst of it is pure sugar (wypłukujący calcium) and white flour, whose remains are deposited to form fecal stones. 
Tombak is also opposed to milk consumption, and if someone likes them he should drink skimmed milk, because fat raises cholesterol levels. 
You should also avoid the carcinogens that are formed during frying fats. As recommended healthy vegetables from the soil, grains and legumes, natural vitamins and fiber. 
The principle of healthy eating Michal Tombak is based on the digestibility of individual products through the digestive tract. 
The following shows the breakdown of food groups: 
1. Protein - meat, fish, eggs 
2. Carbohydrates - bread, honey, potatoes, sweets 
3. Fats - butter, oil, lard 
4. Plant - Vegetables, fruits, juices 
The author does not prohibit eating meat, but believes that animal protein is very necessary because research shows that most of his evolution man to eat plants. 
It also gives irrefutable fact that in 1000 people for 60 years is a vegetarian, but after 80r.ż. in 1000 accounts for 600 of carnivorous vegetarians.Furthermore, during the cooking of meat are separated in 1920 (later write that up to 40) of toxic substances. 
The main assumption of the diet, however, is not the principle of product bundling. 
In general: 
- The protein is not associated with fat, unless you eat a lot of green vegetables. To eat one type of protein, and never with the potatoes - do not eat carbs with fruit, starch is not combined with protein. 
Buckwheat should be 1 / 3 daily meals (but is not indicated for treatment of urolithiasis), starch is best to eat between 9 and 13 (biorhythm). 
- You can eat fats with carbohydrates only a total of about 30 g / day. 
Cream to be cleaned in order to not raise cholesterol 
- Fruit - do not connect to anything because of the fermentation and have them eat in accordance with the seasonal occurrence (winter dry). 
All food products divided into 9 groups, and (the table created favorable and unfavorable calls. 
Says your diet based on a number of other such Hippocrates diet, a vegetarian. As for the number of calories it says that "less is more." 
According to WHO in the life of a man consumes 50 million kcal. With an average supply 
2500 kcal / day, life expectancy is ok.58 years. A simple calculation shows that eating 1000 kcal żylibyśmy almost 140 years. 
5. Cleanup. 
Keeping clean the interior of the body Tombak considers one of the most important factors) of health. 
As a result of inadequate nutrition and biliary tract, and above all in the large intestine form the stones. 
After a 40 year old man has from 8 to 15 kg stone stool, 
which, depending on location, cause various diseases. 
The author refers to the evolutionary relationship between food intake and its excretion. Already the first single-celled had two holes and if the disorder followed the transport of food between them, there have to the death of the organism. Therefore, part of a comprehensive health recommendations include the means of purification for the juices from fruits and vegetables. 
6. A healthy psyche. 
At this point, Tombak emphasizes positive thinking, self-respect and attitude towards other people. Believes that positive thinking is beneficial for the work of the internal organs. 
Theories Tombak, although presented in a somewhat chaotic at first may seem a layman insightful and logical. 
The author often uses the words "scientifically proven", which the reader creates a feeling of respect and a belief the more information given, which is a psychological ploy. 
Not once but does not say who and where he said something. 
The whole approach to a deeper analysis turns out to be a patchwork of therapies has always been a popular treatment methods and their far-fetched ideas supported by facts. 
The author also commits a lot of cardinal errors, and vocabulary is closer to a conversation about health in the vegetable market, than the medical nomenclature, which seems to him to be foreign. 
Writing about the diseases of the spine combined with impaired function of internal organs, the author does not discover anything new. 
Passes through the spinal nerve fibers innervating part of the internal organs. The morphological changes of the spine may cause mechanical compression such as the heart. It is not known just where did the 20 thoracic vertebrae. Normally there are 12, even if they do give us a lumbar only 17 vertebrae. 
Also, have long been known in / in methods of treatment, consisting of the control breath. Worked on their eastern medicine and used them in the techniques of meditation. The author, however, overestimates the role of breath when he wrote that thanks to its modification can be achieved by oxidation of the unused part of the lung. In practice, the person does not use all the alveoli, since they constitute a reserve. Just one lung to cover the needs of man to oxygen. (Example: Polish Maciej K. marathoner ran after amputation right lung). 
For optimal oxygen demand is even lower due to the smaller amount of biochemical changes. We do not know well how did the 135 types of water (author not given). Served example, Yakut, who live a long time due to drinking of water ice is not too good (or Eskimos drink such water only).Tombak and in general fails to recognize that they feed on completely different than the recommended. 
Diet peoples of northern Russia is based on animal products and processed farinaceous minimum amount. 
Tombak draws attention to the harmfulness of a sip of meals, which is no novelty. 
Not wrong, nor is his discovery that adults should not drink milk. 
Proposed by the skim milk is for human beings even worse. Not only in the books by Dr. J. Kwasniewski can read that fat intake does not raise blood cholesterol levels, has repeatedly written to the monthly magazine that is produced in the liver from simple sugars. 
Recommended by Tombak not combine products based on their digestion in the gastrointestinal tract, but does not pay attention to their fate after being absorbed into the blood. 
Proposed distribution of food products is very strange. 
Already at first glance breakdown of carbohydrates and fruit (fruit is the main ingredient is sugar). 
Incorrect classification of the proteins, because animal products also contain fat. The statement that animal proteins are unlikely to need, at odds with modern physiology, which clearly says that they are the most valuable and they need 1930 to 1960 g per day. 
Tombak is trying to create a model of diet quality (for humans) but the majority of products recommended by him is impossible to eat only after their thermal processing. 
Comparing the diet of other animals do not pay attention, that they only eat raw food. Figment of the author is also true that a man by most of its existence, eat vegetable dishes. The first man-made tools were used for hunting and fishing, and not raise crops or plants. 
Moreover, the bioavailability of plant products in today's Europe was low and not sufficient to meet the necessities of life. 
It is a mistake naming Hipokratesową vegetarian diet, because it suggests he allegedly applied it. While Hippocrates was the first he gave her definition. 
Served by Tombak the fact that in 1000 carnivores over 80 years old, lives about 600 vegetarians is highly suspect. 
Nobody knows where the author takes it. In my practice I have never met a 80 year old vegetarian. Before writing this article, I asked a 50-person group of vegetarian if they knew the elderly and no one responded positively.What, so are you vegetarians? 
Created by Michal Tombak connection tables are a serious complication of the diet and in practice, forced to devote much time to prepare food. 
If we add 1920 to 1930 minute intervals between certain food products, it must occupy most of the day. 
A big mistake is to assume that calorie restriction extends life. 
Going further reasoning could be assumed that the intake of 500 kcal would provide 280 years of life, and at 250 calories ... WHO experts in determining life's energy consumption, assessed the average amount consumed by man, and not needed for life. 
The proposed method of cleansing the body will come mainly from people taking their nutrition. Fecal stones actually in arrears in the intestine and the undigested remnants arise, although there are fewer than 8kg. 
Optimal nutrition is poorly residual diet, at which this does not occur. 
Tombak is a figment of the protozoan with two holes. Organisms composed of one cell may not, in fact have any openings. 
In conclusion, one should mention the recommendations for a positive attitude to life that now populate many people, including doctors. 
People living nervously, under stress, unhappy with themselves - are under constant predominance of the sympathetic system, which can not remain without effect on the internal organs. There is therefore no discovery statement that the person will have a less tranquil health problems. 

Lek, MD, Przemyslaw Pala 
medical consultant and tutor.
Michał Tombak According to optimal medical

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